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Mnemocine Pictures (ni-mah-si-nee) is a Denver-based independent film production company that takes its name from Mnemosyne, the Ancient Greek titaness who gave birth to the 9 muses.  The word is also from the root meaning "memory" and, along with cine for cinema, it pursues making memorable, impactful films that articulate and elucidate the human experience.



Daniel Thorne is an avid and lifelong film fanatic who has spent countless hours developing their love for and understanding of cinema.  As director, writer, editor, and composer, they draw on diverse influences and experiences to create personal, affecting work that challenges and inspires.

Ashe Farrell brings versatile talents and a wealth of savoir faire to all their work with Mnemocine.  From welding and metal fabrication to costume and set design, with more than 10 years of experience, their impressive range of talents makes them an outstanding art director, and an essential asset to each and every project. (Instagram - @hammerjiggletits)



Sugar CrazyFace is an adorable doofus.  Much supportive.  Very love.

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